DeMarcus Calls on Parents to Help Kids Develop Smart Eating Habits

With the Dallas Cowboys’ offseason programs nearly complete, DeMarcus Ware used the time to strike another blow against childhood obesity. No. 94 spread the message that it’s important for kids to choose good-for-you foods and get active for at least 60 minutes every day.

In support of the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, founded by the National Dairy Council and NFL, DeMarcus is promoting what’s near and dear to his heart — exercise, nutrition and fueling up on nutrient-rich foods. He made appearances with the National Dairy Council and on ABC’s “The Chew.”

“It’s about tackling childhood obesity and eating the right things — low-fat milk and fat-free milk. And with the Play 60 project, it’s about exercising for 60 minutes a day,” DeMarcus said. “It starts with family, the people in the home. The adults need to eat healthy, too, and let that carry over to the kids. Being a role model with the NFL, we exercise a lot, we eat right, people look up to you … it’s just a great opportunity.”

DeMarcus is also raising awareness during National Dairy Month of the importance of dairy in your diet. He’s one of 30 million Americans that identify with lactose intolerance, and if wise decisions are made people like himself can enjoy dairy products.

“People that are lactose intolerant just say, ‘I’m just gonna cut dairy out,’” DeMarcus said. “But what you’re doing is cutting out an essential part of your nutrition program for each and every day. People like myself need to be more informed.”

For more information, DeMarcus noted, visit nationaldiarycouncil.org and lactate.com.

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